Mount Sinai Medical Center, in affiliation with the Division of Urology at New York's elite Columbia University, offers the most advanced techniques in minimally invasive urological care
Mount Sinai Urology – An Affiliation with New York’s Columbia University, One of the Top 5 U.S. News & World Report Ranked Urology Programs in America.
Green light laser therapy, a minimally invasive alternative for treating benign prostate hyperplasia, also known as enlarged prostate, is among the advanced options available at Mount Sinai
Turn to Mount Sinai for state-of-the-art treatment options, including robotic assisted surgery, which results in less scaring, less pain and quicker recovery
Mount Sinai's urologists - including one of the region's only female urologists - provide specialized treatment for incontinence, overactive bladder, bladder stones, and other problems of the urinary system
From minimally invasive prostate surgery to new techniques for treating urological cancers, Mount Sinai offers advanced treatment options to meet your unique needs

Welcome to the Mount Sinai Medical Center Columbia University Division of Urology.

Bringing together Columbia University's medical faculty with Mount Sinai's outstanding team of urologists, our program is dedicated to giving you the care you need. You also have the comfort of knowing your doctors are part of a teaching program that is training the physicians of tomorrow and conducting lifesaving research for patients in Miami and all of South Florida.

Under the direction of co-chiefs Akshay Bhandari, M.D. and Alan Nieder, M.D., this Ivy League-backed program combines top physicians with state-of-the-art surgical technology to diagnose and treat the full range of urologic conditions, including:

Here at the Mount Sinai Columbia University Division of Urology, you’ll have access to renowned physicians, groundbreaking clinical trials and cutting-edge procedures, such as robotic surgery and green light laser surgery, as well as advanced medical care emphasizing the prevention, early detection and treatment of prostate cancer. We also offer advanced care in female urology, one of the newest subspecialties in the field.